Do You Know What’s in Your Mouth?

Growing demand for dental work in America has created a market that features both high-end and economy-priced work, and consumers rarely have insight into which “work” they are paying for and putting into their mouths.

Many people assume that all dentures, crowns, and bridges are safe to use.  Such personal and permanent fixtures should be made of the safest materials, in laboratories that have high standards for quality, and by the most trained and skilled technicians.

Hardly a day passes without some news about recalls of foreign products.  Many, perhaps even most of the items are made abroad.  Still, many patients are not aware that some dentists, in an effort to cut costs, may be sending their dental work offshore.

To ensure better outcomes for safe and beautiful dental restorations, it is very important that patients understand where their dental restorations are coming from and what material are used in the process.

Know what’s in your mouth.  Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist.

We only use the highest quality dental labs and materials.  Made in the USA, traceability assured, quality management, and customer satisfaction are key factors in our practice. (973) 748-7790

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