Dr. Dionne is now an Authorized Provider of Under Armour Custom Performance Mouthwear for Athletes of all ages.

Mouth Guard Montclair NJ | Dentist Glen Ridge NJ

Under Armour Performance Mouthwear is a collection of custom-fit products for athletes who want to excel in their sport or activity. It can only be purchased through authorized Under Armour dental providers. Each UA Performance Mouthwear product comes with a storage case, a product booklet, care instructions and warranty information.

Mouth Guard Glen Ridge NJ | Dentist Montclair NJ

Armour Bite employs multi-patented technology. The performance is proven and the advantages are undeniable.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Bite Tech's Under Armour Mouthwear

  • UA Custom Mouthguards offer superior protection to teeth with custom fit and comfort
  • May help prevent concussions by reducing G-Force impact from blows to the jaw
  • Increases oxygen uptake by opening the airway with ArmourBite Power Wedges
  • Decreases corisol and lactic acid buildup by maintaining optimal spacing of molars thereby counteracting the negative effects of clenching
  • These factors have been shown to increased strength, endurance, and reaction times

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Professional Testimonials:

A Remarkable Range of Renowned Athletes Rely on Bite Tech’s Technology in Under Armour Mouthpieces.

From NFL football players to professional tri-athletes to Olympic Games competitors, Bite Tech/Under Armour products are proving to be vital for better training and more successful competition. The stakes are high, the stage is monumental and Bite Tech mouthpieces are delivering.

Witness the words of Minnesota Twin great Michael Cuddyer: “If I don’t have it in, I feel naked.” It’s the same kind of testimonial we receive from many athletes — wearing Bite Tech’s performance Mouthwear has become second nature. Without it, athletes feel they are missing a part of their uniform. Or worse, that they are suddenly competing from a lower playing field. For a new technology to be embraced so quickly is a tribute to the game-changing quality of our product. For so many different athletes to have the same reaction is a testimony to the myriad benefits of this phenomenal technology.

Check out what else professional and champion athletes are saying:

“I tried it, not only on the field but off the field during workouts. I could feel the difference in my endurance. I was stronger, my body felt better.” - Adrian Peterson, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings

“It has increased my strength, power and heightened my accuracy.” - Hunter Mahan, PGA Pro

“When the game is on the line I want my body and mind to be 100% in sync, this technology makes that happen for me.” - Marian Gaborik, New York Rangers, NHL All-Star

“The weights didn’t feel so heavy.” - David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

“I have noticed feeling more relaxed while riding.” - Sarah Haskins, Pro Triathlete, US Olympian

“Where I’m really seeing improvement is in my drive phase and pulling a sled. I know that I am getting out of the hole better than I ever have.” - Luke Schultz, US Skeleton Olympian

“I am always looking for that extra edge. From the moment I put my Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece in my mouth, I could feel a difference.” - Chris McCormack, Pro Triathlete, AUS Olympian and 2-Time Kona World Champion

“The Under Armour Performance Mouthwear has given me the edge I need to increase my strength, keep me quick on my feet and rise to the challenge.” - Rey Maualuga, Cincinnati Bengal

“It’s the best technology on the market. I used to hate wearing a mouthguard in games because its bulkiness would impede on my breathing techniques.” - Paul Rabil, Boston Cannons and Washington Stealth

“Communication is a vital part of my position. This product fits like non-other. I can shout and be understood.” - Willie Mitchell, Vancouver Canucks

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