We welcome all comments and are always striving to improve the satisfaction of our patients.  Please feel free to submit comments/testimonials to us via email at .  Thank you to our patients for your support and referrals!!

Current Patient Testimonials:

• Dr. Dionne literally cured my fear of dentists.  He is gentle and caring and I trust him with all my dental needs. After years of being scared to go to the dentist, it's really great to not have that anxiety anymore.  I'm so glad to have him as my dentist. - Montclair, NJ

• Great dentist!  Really caring guy.  He explains things well with pictures and is great at his work.  So glad I found him! -Glen Ridge, NJ

• I come in from New York City to see Dr. Dionne.  He's the best.  I don't want anyone else working on my teeth; they are too important to me.  Dr. Dionne is great at what he does and he really cares.  I'm just glad I found him. -NYC

• Dr. Dionne is a great dentist.  He takes pride in his work and is a good person.  I had a lot of work done, some restorative and some cosmetic.  He takes the time to make sure his dental work is perfect, and if he is not satisfied with something he will do it over until it's perfect.  I'm so happy with what Dr. Dionne has done for me. I really wouldn't ever go to anyone else. -Monclair, NJ

• Very meticulous and thorough.  Explains things well and answers all questions.  Honest and caring.  I've found the dentist I've been looking for! - Summit, NJ

• Best dentist around!  I wouldn't go to anyone else.  He is a fabulous dentist and a great person. -Montclair, NJ

• Dr. Dionne saved my teeth!  I had two other opinions from dentists and both wanted to extract 2 of my teeth but Dr. Dionne was able to save them.  I couldn't be happier and have refered many friends to him.  He's really good at what he does and cares so much! -Summit, NJ

• Great dentist and a great person.  He is trustworthy and an expert in his field.  My family and I wouldn't go anywhere else. -Montclair, NJ

• Dr. Dionne is an outstanding professional dentist. After many years of seeing other dentists who performed, as it turned out, haphazard work on my teeth, Dr. Dionne literally remade my bite. His dentistry has provided me with healthy teeth for the first time in my life.  Without exaggeration, his work has helped transform my life. I would recommend Dr. Dionne to anyone seeking exceptional professional care in a caring environment. -South Plainfield, NJ

• I was in so much pain and my friend told me to go see Dr. Dionne.  She said he's the best and will take great care of me.  She was so right!  He alleviated my pain and saved my tooth.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  He's amazing! -Nutley, NJ

• Very caring and knowledgable.  I will never change dentists now that I've found Dr. Dionne. - Montclair, NJ

• Best dentist hands down!  I wouldn't trust anyone else with my mouth.  He is gentle, a perfectionist and a caring person.  He is a real expert at what he does. - Westfield, NJ

• I came to Dr. Dionne as an emergency patient with a broken tooth; I was referred by a close friend.  He found time for me and immediately put me at ease.  He fixed my tooth perfectly; you can't even tell I broke it, and it's right in the front!  Dr. Dionne is now my regular dentist.  I come to him for all my regular checkups and cleanings.  He is always caring and on time.  He also has very modern equipment in his office.  I trust Dr. Dionne and wouldn't go anywhere else. - Summit, NJ

• I've been going to Dr. Dionne since before I was married, and now I take my family to him.  He is great!  Not only is he an expert at what he does, he really cares about his patients.  He seems to know his patients well, and spends time with us.  That's hard to find these days. - Glen Ridge, NJ

• I was referred to Dr. Dionne by a co-worker.  She raved about him, and I see why.   Not only is he an exceptional dentist, but he really cares about his patients.  He took so much time with me making sure he answered all my questions and that I understood everything he explained.  He also showed me pictures of my teeth so I could see exactly what my issues were and how he could help me.  He is gentle, caring and really meticulous about his work.  My teeth never felt or looked so good.  I send friends to him all the time.  It's really good to have someone I trust taking care of my teeth! - Summit, NJ

• Just had a completely painless root canal.  He's the best! -Montclair, NJ

• Everyone should have a dentist who cares this much about his patients.  He even came in on his day off for me when I had a bad toothache.  He's a quality dentist and a great person. -Summit, NJ

• I found Dr. Dionne by searching for a dentist on Angie's List.  He was so highly recommended by his patients that I decided to make an appointment.   The reviews are well warranted!  Dr. Dionne is a gentle and caring dentist.  He is excellent at what he does.  I brought my entire family to him and wouldn't go anywhere else.  I'm so glad that we found him! - Montclair, NJ

• Dr. Dionne is caring and gentle.  He takes the time to explain procedures and always stops to answer any questions I have.  In the past, I was nervous going to the dentist, but I feel very safe and confident in his care.   Now that I found him, I wouldn't go anywhere else. - Morristown, NJ

• I received excellent service from Dr. Dionne.  He thoroughly explained the procedure that I was about to undertake and was very competent in his execution.  Previously, he advised me correctly on a dental implant problem that was beyond the understanding of my previous dentist. - Newark, NJ

• I was referred to Dr. Dionne by a close friend, and I am very glad I listened.  A toothache brought me to his office.  When I said I was in pain, Dr. Dionne's staff made time for him to see me even though he was busy.  He took time with me, diagnosed my problem, showed me actual pictures of the problem in my mouth, and explained my options to me.  He took the time to answer all my questions and ultimately fixed my problem.   Since then I brought my family to see Dr. Dionne as well.  We all feel very lucky to have found him.  He is a caring person and a great dentist.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality dentist who cares about his patients. - Montclair, NJ

• We are from Europe and my wife had many problems with a poorly fitting partial.  We have family in Montclair who are patients of Dr. Dionne and kept telling us how wonderful he and his work are.  We decided to schedule some time in the States and see if Dr. Dionne could help my wife.  Dr. Dionne helped her tremendously.  He created new partials for her and took away the pain and problems she was suffering with.  She is now comfortable and happy with the way she looks and feels.  Dr. Dionne went out of his way to help her quickly, as he knew our time in the States was limited.  He is a wonderul dentist who really cares about his patients and his work.  If we lived in the US, we would be regular patients. -Mannheim, Germany

• Dr. Dionne is a great dentist and helped get my sons dental health back on track after a few missteps at a different clinic.  The office has state-of-the-art equipment and he is very thorough.  Everyone in the office is friendly and calm, which helped my eight-year old relax and feel comfortable about going to the dentist.  Highly recommend! - N ew Providence, NJ

• Dr. Paul Dionne, Glen Ridge is my dentist and has done all of the restorative implant work. He is just great. I cannot say enough positive things about him or his office. Once, when I was extremely nervous about a particular surgical procedure, he attended the surgery with me. He is well-educated, keeps up with newest advances, and is compassionate. My daughter, who is a physician in Baltimore, has retained him as her dentist and drives up twice a year for appointments. She wouldn't go to anyone else either. - Caldwell, NJ

• Dr. Dionne is an outstanding professional dentist. After many years of seeing other dentists who performed, as it turned out, haphazard work on my teeth, Dr. Dionne literally remade my bite. His dentistry has provided me with healthy teeth for the first time in my life. Additionally, Dr. Dionne’s assistant is the best I have met. Without exaggeration, his work has helped transform my life. I would recommend Dr. Dionne to anyone seeking exceptional professional care in a caring environment. -Glen Ridge, NJ

• I don't know anyone who likes getting dental work done, myself included. However, Paul really has a knack for making you feel comfortable. He also does quality work too. I often had to re-visit my previous dentist to re-do or correct work they'd previously done which was inconvenient and frustrating. This has never happened with Dr. Dionne and I've been seeing him for years now. Shortly after switching to him, my wife also did. Then my mother. Now my children. I would recommend him highly to anyone. - Bloomfield, NJ

• Wow!  I've never had such a thorough dental exam.  Dr. Dionne is very caring and gentle,  and he really takes the time to explain things.  I was referred by a friend and even though his office is a drive for me, it's really worth it.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone who really cares about their teeth.  His equipment is very modern.  His xray machine is digital so I don't have to worry so much about radiation and he showed me real pictures of my teeth so I could see what he was talking about.  He's the best dentist I've ever had. - Chatham, NJ

• Dr. Dionne made me want to smile again.  He fixed my front teeth (one was dark and chipped) and straightened all my teeth with Invisalign and for the first time I am proud to smile and laugh.  I've even been told what a beautiful smile I have...that never happened to me before.  It's amazing what Dr. Dionne has done for me.  I've never felt so confident. -Summit, NJ

• AMAZING DENTIST! Most thorough, and honest Dentist I've ever been to! -Springfield, NJ

• I have been going to Dr. Dionne now for almost 8 years. I was always nervous to see my previous dentist but Dr. Dionne is so kind and reassuring that I now bring my entire family to see him. Dr. Dionne not only cleans my teeth but he has done invisalign on both my husband and myself. Our teeth really look amazing! I would highly recommend Dr Dionne for the entire family. He is wonderful with children and makes them feel very comfortable. The staff is also amazing. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly that it really makes the entire experience special. -New Providence, NJ

• I am a new patient and was referred to Dr. Dionne by a very good friend who thinks he's amazing.  I must say, I was very impressed at the level of care I received.  Not only did I receive the most thorough exam I've ever gotten, but Dr. Dionne used real pictures of my teeth to show me what was going on.  He spent lots of time with me explaining my situation and answered all my questions so I could understand.  He really cares about his patients and I am happy that I've finally found a dentist that I can trust. -Montclair, NJ

• What a great experience!  My friend told me about Dr. Dionne when I wasn't happy with my old dentist.  Not only is Dr. Dionne the most thorough dentist I've ever had, but he also has such great technology!  The xrays were done on a computer with hardly any radiation, and he showed me pictures on his TV screen of everything inside my mouth!  He not only answered all my questions, but showed me on the screen exactly what he meant.  Dr. Dionne is very caring and really explains things well.  I feel confident that I will be his patient for a very long time.  It's really a relief to have found someone I like, feel comfortable with, and trust. -Summit, NJ

• I was referred to Dr. Dionne though a friend many years ago. I was at my wits end searching for a dentist I could trust. I had caps falling off, fillings falling out and I was totally fed up. As soon as Paul fixed me up, I never had to worry about things like that again. I've since referred my wife and my mother and will be bringing my children to him when they're ready (they're very young still).

• Like many people these days money is tight. Paul does a great job of explaining your options for solving your issues and what the pro and cons are of the various options relative to the cost. Finally, and he might prefer I not advertise this, but, the work my mom needed was REALLY extensive. His office was nice enough to allow us to pay over time which allowed us to solve some problems that were emergencies without laying out an exorbitant amount of money all at once.

• Even though he's been doing this for many years, he has not forgotten that his work is a person in a chair -- he is very sensitive and careful when he works on your teeth. He's great. -Bloomfield, NJ

• I am so happy that my friend referred me to Dr. Dionne.  I have never had a dentist who was as thorough and caring as Dr. Dionne is.  He takes the time to answer all my questions and explains things so well, not only with words, but with models and actual close up pictures of my teeth.  My children love him too.  He makes them feel safe and takes great care of their teeth.  His dental assistant even let them feed the fish in his fish tank!  Now they love going to the dentist.  I would confidently send my friends and family to him. -Summit, NJ

• Dr. Dionne the best dentist. He and his staff are very patient focused, and provide the best in care. Dr. Dionne also has easy hands with cleanings and procedures. In the past, i went to dentists with hands of bricks. Dr. Dionne has a soft touch and truly cares about his patientsMay 16, 2012 - Weehawkin, NJ

• Whoever thought I would give a dentist 5 stars?  I grew up with a terrible fear of the dentist and ignored my teeth for more years than I want to remember.  That was about 20 years ago.  When I couldn't ignore it any longer, I went to see Dr. Dionne.  He put me instantly at ease and I've been a faithful patient ever since.  I had a zillion questions as he rebuilt all of my molars and Dr. Dionne patiently answered them.  He explains every procedure before he does anything. His work is always top quality.  He made an amazing 5-tooth bridge for the lower right side of my mouth. It is a work of art and has been greatly admired by the periodonist who cleans my teeth between Dr. Dionne cleanings.

• Dr. Dionne and his staff are always pleasant and happy.   They truly enjoy what they do.  I'm always greeted with a smile and a handshake and look forward to hearing the latest stories about his children. They manage their appointments well.  I don't recall ever having to wait more than 5 minutes before being 'seated' in the chair.

• I can actually say that I look forward to going to the dentist these days. -Montclair, NJ

• My husband, children and I have been going to Dr. Dionne for several years. He is very informative and genuinely concerned with oral health and will not suggest any unnecessary (costly) treatment. He is great with children and has my children brushing their teeth after every meal, with joy. I recently had my teeth whitened and was extremely pleased with the experience and would do it again when needed. His office is very clean and has a  very friendly and helpful staff.

• If you're looking for a dentist who is honest, knowledgable, and has a kind way with patients, I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Dionne. -New Providence, NJ

• My whole family has been going to Dr. Dionne for over 15 years. We have always had a great experience with Dr. Dionne, his staff and hygienist. I have referred friends and family and they have all been happy. I would not go anywhere else. When my children were younger, they tremendously enjoyed the toy-box at the end of their visit. -Nutley, NJ

• I trust Dr. Dionne with my whole family.  He is gentle, caring, and explains everything well.  He always takes as much time as we need to answer questions and make sure we are comfortable.  He is an excellent dentist and his staff is so warm and caring as well. -Glen Ridge, NJ

• Dr. Dionne was able to identify potential oral cancer with his screening process (which was painless by the way).  I didn't have any idea the problem was there and was able to take care of it in its very early stages.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  He really is the best dentist I've ever had; he really cares. - Summit, NJ

• I found Dr. Dionne on a search engine and he had great reviews.  I see why his patients like him so much.  He is an experienced, wonderful dentist and always makes me and my children feel comfortable and cared for.  He really cares and we wouldn't go anywhere else. - Nutley, NJ

• Thank you Dr. Dionne for taking such good care of me and my family.  Dr. Dionne is so thorough during his examination and cleaning.  My teeth have never been in such good shape since Dr. Dionne started treating me.  I also bring my children and he makes them all feel comfortable so going to the dentist is a great experience for them and me!  I highly recommend Dr. Dionne! -Glen Ridge, NJ

• Dr. Dionne uses the latest digital technology and is the best dentist I have ever had. He and his staff are very patient focused, and provide the best in care. Dr. Dionne also has easy hands with cleanings and procedures. In the past, i went to dentists with hands of bricks. Dr. Dionne has a soft touch. - Hoboken, NJ

• We are new to the area and are so happy that we've found Dr. Dionne.  Not only is his office filled with the latest technology, he is kind, caring and gentle.  I have suffered from a phobia of dentists and he put me completely at ease.  I didn't think that was possible!  My children adore him too; he offered them any flavor flouride they wanted and a suprise from the treasure chest at the end of their visit....something to look forward to for them! I will never go to anyone else!   -Glen Ridge, NJ

• Dr. Dionne changed my  life by changing my smile. I was always embarrassed to smile and show my teeth. I decided I really wanted a change and heard such great things about Dr. Dionne's work. Not only is his work incredible, he also is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I've ever met. I would recommend him to anyone. We're so lucky to have a dentist like him around. I travel 30 minutes to see him and it's worth it. Every member of my family is now a patient of his and we wouldn't ever go anywhere else. - Montclair, NJ

• Great Dentist! I heard about Dr. Dionne from a friend who had great things to say. I made an appointment for my general dentistry and asked him about teeth whitening. He took time to explain all the options, and I decided to book a follow up appointment with him to do the whitening - it took about an hour, and I was really pleased with the results. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist. - Glen Ridge, NJ

• #1 Dentist I started to go to Dr. Dionne about 2 years ago after my former dentist left my teeth in horrible shape. After having such horrible experiences with my former dentist, I was nervous about ever going to the dentist. However, Dr. Dionne is a wondering and caring person who was able to make me feel comfortable about going to the dentist. Once Dr. Dionne was able to fix my smile, I haven't had any problems since! He is very meticulous in his work and will only be happy with the best. I would not go to any other dentist. He is the best! - New Providence, NJ

• Great with kids! I started going to Dr. Dionne 6 years ago and after such wonderful care and attention I decided to bring my kids to see him. We had been with another dentist and my kids were always nervous and worried before they went. Dr. Dionne has such an amazing way with children that they actually like to come into the office and get their teeth cleaned. He is so gentle and kind and completely puts the kids at ease. Since we switched all of my children have been cavity free! Thanks Dr. Dionne for being so kind and attentive to my children and making them feel so comfortable in your care. - Montclair, NJ

• He's Absolutely Amazing I started seeing Dr. Dionne 2 years ago. I can not say enough about Dr. Dionne and his caring manner and quality of work. I wanted whiter, straighter teeth and he clearly explained all my options, all the pros and cons associated with each option, and what each option would entail. After choosing a direction and getting the work done, I have the most beautiful, natural smile! I never imagined I could have a smile like this. People comment on what a lovely smile I have! And Dr. Dionne made it a pleasure with his kind manner and warm staff. He even called me to make sure I was completely satisfied. He truly is an incredible dentist. - Cedar Grove, NJ

• Best Dentist Ever! Dr. Dionne has been treating my entire family for over 7 years. He is incredibly caring and gentle. Not only is he a perfectionist, but he always puts us at ease with his knowledge and expertise. He has the latest equipment, a very technologically advanced office and a warm and caring staff. My kids also love going to him to see his tropical fish tank, pull toys from his treasure chest and enjoy his wide variety of kids' flavored flourides. He makes the dental experience fun for them. I wouldn't go anywhere else. - Clifton, NJ

• Excellent Dentist I wanted to write this review as a thank you to Dr. Dionne for taking such amazing care of me! I have never liked going to the dentist as I have had some bad experiences and now I am so thankful to have found such a kind, caring and skilled dentist. Dr. Dionne puts me at ease and always makes me feel comfortable. I recently finished doing Invisalign and my teeth look beautiful! I am so happy and receive compliments on how straight and white my teeth look. It was a great experience that I would do again! - Caldwell, NJ

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